Wizink Bank Aviso Legal

This online bank has bought card wallets in recent years, Citibank, Barclaycard or Popular-e have joined under the name Wizink Bank SA. Therefore, these judgments against wizink will no longer be profitable or beneficial to the financial institution. So, if you want your money back, it`s always handy to get good advice from our lawyers who specialize in Wizink renewable cards. Card financing has made Wizink one of the ten Spanish banks that made the most money in the country in 2018, according to various media reports. This year, it received an account and deposit balance of €2,792 million and a financing volume of €3,153 million. Imagine choosing fashion: if you use it at Zara, Bershka, Primark H&M, Gucci or Üterque, among others, you will get money back. Not bad at all, right? And if you`re more of a fast food restaurant, you have options in Vips, Burger King, McDonals. WiZink is shaking up its credit card offering and introducing two new products: Now credit card and click credit card. In addition, the WiZink Plus credit card will be renamed WiZink Me. The idea of this transformation is to offer innovative producers who are better aligned with the customer profile.

If you wish to recover the overcharged interest, call us at 665 49 23 96 or fill out our form. In addition, it offers the opportunity to live with Mastercards Priceless in several cities in Europe and the world. All you have to do is step into the priceless.com website and enjoy the content and offers you can access, from tickets for song recitals, virtual museum tours to virtual yoga classes with the Sydney Opera House in the background. Based on problems arising from credit card interest, the company adjusted the interest rate on its plastics from 24% to 20%. But if you want to travel, be careful, because some of the affiliated companies are: AirEuropa, Iberia, RyanAir, Renfe, eDreams or hotels such as Barceló or NH. Well, if you choose the food category, you can save money by shopping at Mercadona, Ahorramás, Aldi, Carrefour, Eroski, Hipercor, Lidl and the list goes on. In short, if you have chosen this type of credit card with WiZink, you know that we can recover your money successfully. WiZink offers telephone support Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 08:00 to 15:00.

The phone for cards is 91 787 47 47. The phone number to request deposits is 91 175 08 69. If your purchase is between 85 euros and 1000 euros, you can pay for it – without interest or fees – up to 3 months. Need an example? Imagine that you buy a Smart TV that costs 450 euros and you want to finance it in 3 months. Each fee would be 150 euros. Since this is a unit that works 100% online, it is important to note that the products are really easy to manage on the Internet, that is, from the mobile phone or computer. In addition, it is a company that does not charge commissions for its products. Another advantage of WiZink is that there is no need to change banks to access how its products work, as none of them require direct debit or other types of links. Contact us if you are thinking of initiating a bank claim with us! Credit cards, loans and deposits are 100% online products that are easy to handle and are intended for all users accustomed to maintaining accounts and making transactions without going to the office. Next, you must request the nullity of your renewable Wizink Bank card, because the bank does not correctly explain the economic consequences of the deferred payment method.

Despite this, the company recorded losses of 35.64 million euros in 2020 compared to the 210.23 million euros made in 2019 and according to data published by the Bank of Spain. To take advantage of this benefit, simply choose two of the four available categories: leisure, fashion, travel and food.

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