Who Can Legally Officiate a Wedding in Arizona

Welcome to the Guide to Marriage Laws in Arizona! Running a wedding is a great honor, but presiding also comes with a lot of responsibility. To make sure everything goes smoothly on D-Day, we recommend following the guide below. This site is designed to inform ministers and couples, explaining how to become a marriage minister, how to marry someone, and how to make sure the ceremony is legal in Arizona. Who can solemnize the marriage and sign the marriage certificate? The agent must have the legal authority to solemnize marriages in the state of Arizona. Weddings can be celebrated by one of these officials: Mesa: Arguably the best-kept secret for weddings in Arizona, Mesa is a quaint and affordable alternative for couples looking for all the chic and modern conveniences of a city wedding while enjoying the historic charm of a century-old venue. Located just outside of Phoenix and Scottsdale, we love Mesa so much that we chose it as the perfect location for our affordable Arizona wedding venues. Mesa offers a little bit of everything — a cobblestone downtown lined with artistic brick walls, rugged outdoor recreation, cultural museums, and more. There are a few final steps that need to be completed to ensure that the marriage is legally recognized. First, make sure that the couple, the minister and the two witnesses chosen each sign the marriage certificate. When completing the “Official Marriage Act” section of the marriage certificate, the Minister will likely be required to provide a name (full legal name without title), title (Minister) and address (residential address). Let`s put it all together.

To get married legally in the state of Arizona, here`s a guideline of the steps you can take, from the proposal to the new driver`s license: Seasonal costs: Fall is the most popular time of year to get married in Arizona, resulting in premium high season rates and reduced availability. To get the best sellers and locations during this season, plan very early (12+ months) and budget a little more. Or opt for more affordable all-inclusive wedding venues in AZ that include almost all of your suppliers in the budget. If you haven`t been ordained with Universal Life Church yet, this is the first step. Anyone who wishes can become Minister of Justice of the ULC, one of the largest religious organizations in the world. Online surgery is fast, easy and completely free. Once you have your Minister`s licence, you are eligible to perform a marriage. To become a minister, first click on the button below! Ordination is only the first step. Most of your time and energy will be spent preparing for the wedding ceremony.

We know that celebrating a wedding ceremony is a great responsibility. And while it`s a joyful experience, it`s also one that needs to be taken very seriously, especially for your role as a wedding official. The couple, the minister and two witnesses must be present at the marriage ceremony and also sign the marriage certificate. Arizona law does not allow proxy marriages; Therefore, all parties must be physically present at the ceremony. No matter where you are, there are a few basic steps you need to follow for offside in planning a wedding: Seasonal costs: Some indoor reception halls may charge a premium during the summer months when it`s too hot to hold a ceremony outside. As for us, the elegant function rooms of Tre Bella en AZ offer consistent rates throughout the year, so your platinum wedding is at your fingertips, no matter what time of year you choose. When you come to Arizona for your wedding, there are a few things you and your guests need to keep in mind. Attention: Scottsdale: Known for its chic resorts, world-class spas, numerous golf courses, fine dining, entertainment, and world-class shopping, Scottsdale is a luxurious place to host a wedding with plenty to do before and after. Be prepared for an investment as Scottsdale is one of the most expensive places where you can get married. If you`re looking for a platinum wedding experience without the Scottsdale price, consider our lesser value wedding venues in Mesa AZ as a cheaper alternative. After contacting your marriage authority, you should visit our online store to purchase the necessary documents. As a general rule, we advise preachers in Arizona to receive an ordination package.

Although registering a minister in Arizona is not mandatory, you may be asked to provide proof of your ordination to county officials before accepting the marriage as legally solemn. This proof of your ordination can also give a lot of peace of mind to any couple you want to marry. Also, please try to leave at least 3 weeks between the wedding ceremony date and your order to ensure you receive all your materials in advance. In some areas, temperatures above 100 are common in summer, making an outdoor wedding unbearable. One. The following have the right to marry persons entitled to marry: 1. Ministers duly authorized or ordained. 2. Judges of the registration courts. 3.

Judge of the District Court. 4. Justice of the peace. 5. Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. 6. Appellate judges, district courts, and courts established by an Act of Congress, if authorized to perform their duties in good conduct. 7. Insolvency Court and Tax Court Judge. 8. Judge of the Magistrate of the United States. 9.

Judge of the Arizona Military Court of Appeals. B. For the purposes of this section, the expression “authorized or ordained clergy” includes ministers, elders or other persons who, according to the customs, rules and regulations of a religious society or sect, are authorized or authorized to solemnize marriages or solemnize marriage ceremonies. Although there are no official registration requirements in Arizona, you must be an ordained minister to legally solemnize the marriage. Local regulations in Arizona require that marriage officials be ordained under the designation of “minister” by a religious organization such as American Marriage Ministries. While you don`t need to register as a marriage official at an Arizona government office, it`s a good idea to keep personal records of your official ministry credentials. Proof of your ordination is essential if the couple, government officials, or the place of marriage request proof of your ordination. We recommend that you order your Arizona Minister`s Ordination Package to receive your official identification cards.

Your kit contains your official certificate of ordination and your letter of good reputy. His reputable letter is signed, dated and notarized by a church official. Your ministerial ordination package also includes your AMM Ministerial Manual, a valuable resource for information on formal training. A portion of the proceeds of your order will go to our charitable activities. So not only do you get your AMM service rights, but you also support a good cause. What should we do if a judge refuses to enter into a same-sex marriage? Some judges in Arizona perform civil marriages as part of their duties. If a judge refuses to perform a civil marriage for a same-sex couple as part of his or her regular duties, he or she would be violating the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct, which requires judges to perform their duties “without bias or prejudice.” If a judge refuses to solemnize a same-sex civil marriage, contact the ACLU of Arizona at (602) 650-1854 or info@acluaz.org and file a complaint with acluaz.org/get-help/file-complaint. A complaint must also be filed with the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. Dates to avoid: While having a Halloween or Thanksgiving weekend wedding isn`t out of the question, it can come with some additional challenges and costs. Once the marriage certificate is completed, it must be returned to their issuing office.

This is usually the responsibility of the couple, although it is good practice to contact the couple as an official to ensure that the completed marriage certificate has been returned. As this is usually done by mail, this is a simple thing to do and we recommend that you do it as soon as possible after the wedding. As Wikipedia summarizes: “Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in the state of Arizona since October 17, 2014. Prior to the court`s decision, several cities in Arizona offered civil partnerships or domestic partnerships to same-sex couples. While there is no legal requirement to prove your position as an ordained minister with a government office in Arizona, we recommend that you keep personal records of your official department ID cards.

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