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Did she say that while playing the banjo? No insults, but it`s the strangest thing I`ve read on this subreddit so far. Are there significant differences between legal separation and divorce? Does one offer more flexibility than the other? My state does not require legal separation before a divorce. Most states don`t have any real penalties for cheating on your spouse, lol, so dating after separation is obviously fine. But google this or ask a lawyer. States may have strange laws on fraud and alimony. In many “seamless” states, there is no “lawless separation” as a court-approved procedure. At best, there is a temporary status, mainly with regard to children and/or separation of property. Many people call this period a “legal separation,” but in reality, it is a temporary support and custody order. Restraining orders will be submitted to the court at a later date. Suppose I help him separate health insurance and auto insurance? Does this indicate agreement and a willingness to continue to support them financially? In my area, a one-year separation is required for divorce, so by and large, people here rarely use separation to work together, and this is just the beginning of the long divorce process. tl;dr: Please let me know if there is anything specific to Massachusetts that I should know or do to protect myself, if my wife is looking to separate. If possible, this is a complicated way to avoid divorce.

You have to file a married/separate tax return, many financial and legal issues still require your spouse`s contribution or signature/authorization/consent, and other potentially thorny issues. Legal separation (at least in Indiana, see a lawyer) begins the process of dividing assets and debts, imposing numerous checks on both spouses. This is excellent advice, not only for legal reasons, but also for personal reasons. Bro the only reason she wants “independence and space before reconciliation”. She wants to try a few other TIPS just to make sure you`re not the best option for her. Why do you think she wants this legal separation so much? So she can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants, and she is not accused of infidelity in court. She`s not stupid. But she`s damn sure she`s not sure about you.

She just wants to keep you as a backup, just in case she can`t grow greener pastures, or at least until she`s full and decides you`ll take care of her again. I`m sorry, brother, really. I can`t imagine marrying again (I`ve learned my lesson). I ask myself every day, “Why don`t I separate legally?” Can anyone explain the pros and cons of LS compared to full divorce? My parents were legally separated for 2 years and then reunited. My siblings and I have finally adapted and thankfully this blog that explains the difference between divorce and legal separation in California: The only real reason for legal separation is to keep a spouse who doesn`t have health insurance in the employee`s health insurance. I understand that in a legal separation agreement, the marriage is still not dissolved. It seems that custody agreements and asset separations always unfold like a divorce. At what point do you decide that “enough is enough”? You sit here day in and day out and listen to them complain (i.e.

scream) about the smallest things for you, the kids, and every friend, family member, and person who crosses their path. You accumulate this grudge and the only thing that manipulates it is your worries about how the fallout would affect the children, how you would deal with the consequences (home, schedules, etc.), and what would everyone think of our failure? If there had been no outside influences on this relationship, it probably would have ended a year ago. I suggested marriage counseling and other ways to get us back on track, but everything was refused.

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