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The University of Law (UK) offers two online LL.M. programmes in Legal Practice (Dispute Resolution) and Legal Practice (Intellectual Property). [35] The universities of Oxford and Cambridge have taken slightly different approaches to postgraduate law studies than other UK universities, as they have in other areas. [36] It`s great to work with Steve!!! He took so long to explain legal things that I never had to deal with. Highly recommended PA. If you`re facing a serious injury, denial of Social Security benefits, workers` compensation claims, or criminal charges, you want a lawyer who isn`t afraid to take your case to court. These are serious situations and you need a lawyer who fights for your rights both in and out of court. In addition, some programs are taught in more than one language, giving students the opportunity to take courses in different languages. There is a wide range of LL.M. programs available worldwide, allowing students to focus on almost any area of law.

Most universities offer only a small number of LL.M. programs. One of the most popular LL.M. degrees in the United States is Tax Law, sometimes referred to as MLT (Master of Laws in Taxation). We provide legal representation for people injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We also assist clients in employee compensation cases and represent clients accused of a crime. Kirk Moorhead gave me a lot in one case where I fell. He was always available to talk to me whenever I wanted. I can`t go wrong with this company. If a person wishes to gain expertise through research in a particular area of law, they may continue their studies after an LL.B. or J.D.

in an LL.M. program. The word legum is the genitive-plural form of the Latin word lex and means “of laws”. When used in the plural, it means a certain set of laws, as opposed to the general collective concept embodied in the word juice, from which the words “juris” and “justice” are derived. LL.M. is sometimes misspelled L.L.M., but Latin abbreviations of plural terms are indicated by doubling the abbreviation of the singular term. [18] In Pakistan, the University of Punjab, the University of Karachi, the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law, the International Islamic University of Islamabad, the Government College University of Faisalabad and the University of Sargodha LL.M. are awarded institutions. The completion of an LL.M. The qualification in Pakistan consists of studying eight subjects in four semesters; This extends over a period of two years and also requires the student to write a thesis on a proposed topic.

A student must successfully complete each of the subjects to apply for the LL.M. degree, and the passing grade is set at 60%. The program is taught in English. A Master of Laws (M.L. or LL.M.; Latin: Magister Legum or Legum Magister) is an advanced postgraduate university degree sought after by individuals with a Bachelor of Laws, Professional Law Degree, or Bachelor of Arts in a related field. In most jurisdictions, the Master of Laws is the advanced professional qualification for those who are generally already admitted to the practice of law. MoloLamken is a law firm that focuses exclusively on representing clients in complex litigation and investigations. Our customers are located all over the world. The LLM programs offered in Portugal are very diverse, but for the most part have not adopted the LL.M.

designation, more commonly known as Mestrado em Direito (Master of Law), like those of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra and the Lusíada University of Porto. Although the classic Mestrado em Direito lasts two years and involves a scientific thesis, there are shorter variants. Some internationally themed Mestrados have specifically adopted the LL.M designation: the LL.M in European and Transglobal Business Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Minho and the LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context and the Advanced LL.M. in International Business Law, both at the Católica Global School of Law, Lisbon. If you wish to enrich your studies or career in other disciplines with a legal education at the Faculty of Law, you are welcome to apply for the Master of Laws or Certificate in Law. The LLM in International Business Law at Panthéon-Assas University is also available in Mauritius[27] on the Medine Village campus. In the UK, an LL.M. programme is open to those with a recognised legal qualification, usually a Bachelor of Laws or CPE. You do not need to be a lawyer or intend to be a member of the legal profession. An LL.M. is not required, and is not a sufficient qualification in itself, to practise as a solicitor or barrister, as this requires completion of the Legal Practice Course, the Bar Professional Training Course or, if in Scotland, the Diploma in Legal Practice, but is an opportunity to gain expertise in a particular area of law or an understanding of the legal systems of other countries.

As with other degrees, an LL.M. can be studied part-time at many institutions and possibly in distance learning. Some providers of the Bar Professional Education Course and the Legal Practice Course also allow the student to obtain an LL.M. qualification in addition to these professional courses by writing a thesis. Kristina Lynch ML`22 is currently an Associate Portfolio Manager at Citizens Bank, supporting a commercial portfolio in the Rhode Island market. In the United States, the acquisition of an LL.M. The degree is often a way to specialize in an area of law such as tax law, business law, international business law, health law, litigation, environmental law or intellectual property. A number of schools have J.D.-LL.M. Programs, while others offer the degree through online studies. Some LL.M. programs provide a general study of American law.

Graduation requirements vary by school and often differ for LL.M. students who have already earned a JD from a U.S. law school and LL.M. students who have already earned a law degree from a non-U.S. law school. The highest degree in law is the Doctor of Laws (S.J.D. or J.S.D., depending on the institution) and corresponds to the Doctor of Legal Philosophy (Ph.D. or DPhil) or Doctor of Laws (in France). The full equivalent in Germany is the Doctor of Laws (Dr. iur.) (However, German universities require the preparation of a second doctoral thesis, a habilitation, in order to qualify for teaching as a full professor, but may waive this requirement and usually do so for qualified foreigners.) There are also various PhDs, such as the D.C.L. (Doctor of Civil Law) from McGill University in Canada.

Most schools require an LL.M. prior to admission to an S.J.D. or Ph.D. in Law. Like the PhD, the S.J.D. degree usually requires a thesis that is graded (often by two reviewers), defended orally (by an examination known as viva voce), and then often published as a book or series of articles. The “Doctor of Laws” (LL.D.) Degrees in the United States is usually an honorary degree. In Europe, LL.M. Programs in European Law are very popular lately, often referred to as LL.M. Eur (Master of European Law). LL.M. degrees are often earned by students who wish to develop more concentrated specialist knowledge in a particular area of law.

An LL.M. degree can also enable law students to build a professional network. Some associations offer LL.M. graduates with structures designed to strengthen their peer-to-peer connections and access a competitive business environment, similar to an MBA degree. Historically, the LL.M. degree is a specific element of the education system of English-speaking countries based on a distinction between bachelor`s and master`s degrees. In recent years, however, LL.M. specialist programmes have been introduced in many European countries, even where the Bologna Process has not yet been fully implemented.

The University of Oxford unconventionally calls its scholarly Master of Laws B.C.L. (Bachelor of Civil Law) and M.Jur. (Magister Juris), and its Research Master either MPhil (Master of Philosophy) or MSt (Master of Studies). [38] Oxford continues to call its most important postgraduate degree in law B.C.L. because B.C.L. is one of the oldest (and therefore one of the highest in the Oxford hierarchy) degrees awarded since the sixteenth century. [39] M.Jur. was introduced in 1991. [39] There is currently no LLM degree from the university.

[38] Oxford states that the B.C.L. is “the most prestigious master`s teaching qualification in the common law world.” [40] In addition, the University of Oxford introduced the Master of Law and Finance (MLF) in 2010. The degree is taught jointly by the Faculty of Law and Saïd Business School. The MLF program includes a combination of finance and economics courses combined with BCL law courses. The Master of Laws (LL) program trains aspiring and accomplished professionals from a variety of fields and areas of expertise into the legal and legal foundations of their disciplines. As a global leader in legal education, Penn Carey Law`s ML program offers a unique and unparalleled educational opportunity that creates a deeper understanding of one`s own work and science, and allows program participants to pursue interesting and impactful paths across multiple disciplines. Those who wish to advance their careers with valuable legal knowledge and skills can apply for a Master of Laws, Certificate in Law, or ad hoc courses.

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