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Other actors also starred in the Star Trek universe: René Auberjonois (Paul Lewiston) had previously had the lead role of Constable Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His opponent was Armin Shimerman (Judge Hooper) as bartender Quark. During a trial, Paul Lewiston reprimands Judge Hooper and threatens him in the same way that Odo Quark suspected and threatened in the Star Trek series. In addition, the following Star Trek actors have been seen in Boston Legal: Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine, Voyager), Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro Laren, The Next Century), Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer, Enterprise) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix, Voyager). Some of the content displayed on this site comes from Amazon. This content is provided “as is” and may be modified or removed at any time. In the fifth season, there are some hints that this is the final season of the series: In episode 95, Jerry says in an incendiary speech to the law firm administration that “the station doesn`t want them anymore anyway” and that he wants to take Alan and maybe Denny with him to shoot a “spin-off”. In addition, there is even a reference later directly to the fourth wall. For example, Carl Sack mentions during a court hearing in episode 99 that “the only show worth seeing in which the stars are over 50 is Bo – I can`t say it, otherwise the beams would bend” (in the original: “Gee, I can`t say it, that would be breaking the wall.”) Basically, the series is told with a lot of humor, there is both slapstick and subtle spirit. To this end, narrative conventions are often deliberately undermined (“Breaking the Fourth Wall”). In addition, Boston Legal made clear references to current political events in the United States. The highlight was the presidential election campaign between John McCain and Barack Obama, which took place for the first broadcast of the last season, which was discussed several times in the dialogues.

[2] [3] [4] [5] Formally, the series is characterized by a permanent change in the image section, even during conversations. Among the important guest and supporting actors are: In the last episodes of the second and third seasons, there is also reference in the original to the next “season” (English season “season”, but also “series season”); however, the double meaning could not be transferred into the German dubbing and it was literally translated as “Season”. In the fourth season, the discussion on the balcony at the end of episode 17 and at the beginning of episode 18 alludes to the short-term postponement of the broadcast date from Tuesday to Wednesday. Candice Bergen (Shirley Schmidt) casually mentions her Oscar nomination in Bella Blue (episode 57) in a plea: “Wherever penguins parade, I didn`t get my Oscar nomination for that.” In episode 87 (season 4), Carl Sack (John Larroquette) says “. and so I lose my Humanitas prize” and alludes to the prize awarded to Larroquette in 1995. Mark Valley (Brad Chase) also refers to his real-life past: Valley and his character in the series served in the army – Valley himself in the army, his serial character in the Marine Corps – and participated in Operation Desert Storm in the process. Figures marked with an exhibitor “P” have already been introduced in the series The Practice. Prices and availability of products are those indicated (date/time) and are subject to change. The purchase of this product is subject to the price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase. For exterior photos of the law firm building, a suitable high-rise building was found in Boston.

The address of the post-modern building, which was built in 1989 according to the plans of John Burgee and Philip Johnson and has received several architectural awards, is also its proper name: “500 Boylston Street” (see also English Wikipedia). However, it is located on St James Avenue and is surrounded by Boylston, Berkeley and Clarendon Streets. The blue building on the right in the background during the opening credits is the John Hancock Tower. However, studio recordings were shot in California. Boston Legal is characterized by many secondary blows of self-mockery on its own production. In the second season episode “Under Fire”, Denny tells Alan as they talk about settling the facility with a homeless man: “Let me get into the game.

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