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Advice on legal issues and member benefits is also included. There are two ways to use Rocket Lawyer. You can pay a monthly membership fee of $39.99 per month to access free services and discounted documents. Alternatively, you pay per use based on what you need. If you have a simple legal question, Avvo is the best place to get free advice from licensed lawyers. The top-rated online legal services websites are popular because of their affordability. Incfile decided to go a step further and offer a free business creation package. You just need to pay the state registration fee! If you`re looking for something special, you can upgrade your plan and enjoy the extra benefits that Incfile can offer. The reason they are at the bottom of this list is that, unlike LegalNature and Law Depot, these documents are not customizable in their online system.

You have to download and edit them yourself. And let`s not forget the many business documents on offer, such as a company agreement, company charters, etc. US Legal Forms does not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, consider some of the company`s alternatives, such as LawDepot or Rocket Lawyer. The world of online legal services is as diverse and confusing as the law itself. It focuses more on all the needs of your business, from documentation to accounting to office space. LegalZoom mainly focuses on an American audience, but still has a UK website, although it doesn`t have a very large personal service, with only Wills being promoted. LegalZoom`s start-up service starts at $79 and offers services for LLCs, nonprofits, corporations, and database administrators.

Be sure to check the licenses of each document before uploading it, as they all have different but simple licenses. If you cannot find the desired legal document, you can fill out the “Application Template” form to inform them of your needs. LegalShield`s document service has it all, whether it`s a personal legal situation, starting a business or regulatory compliance. The company is well equipped to help customers meet their needs. After reviewing the major players in the field, I can conclude by saying that the best online legal service is Rocket Lawyer, as there is no better value for money on the market at $39.99 per month. In LegalShield, Harland Stonecipher`s legacy lives on. The company was founded in 1972 as Pre-Paid Legal Services and has grown into an elite online legal services company. After shaking up the legal industry with the monthly premium business model, the firm is now perfecting the art of virtual legal services. More than 10,000 companies trust UpCounsel for legal matters.

It is used by the biggest brands such as Airbnb and Visually. Online legal services are gaining popularity. These platforms give you access to legal assistance without having to leave your home or office. Plus, you`re not always limited to lawyers in your area. After extensive research, here are the top eight online legal services I would recommend: all of these factors should be considered, as we did when reviewing the best online legal services. In the past, there have been many cases where companies have had problems because they didn`t have proper legal documents, and you don`t want to be one of them. Having your legal documents in place will ensure that your business stays away from lawsuits or unnecessary problems at later stages. In addition to the forms for small businesses, there are various other legal documents that businesses must complete as part of their normal business activities. This may include real estate contracts, equipment rental, employment contracts and others. UpCounsel allows you to easily manage all your communications in one place. The platform offers timed phone calls and free document management. offers many legal resources and forms that will save your business time and money.

Business owners can find appropriate legal forms to form LLCs, new partnerships, name changes, equipment rental and leasing, notices, etc. In addition, users can get their money back within 60 days if they are not satisfied with the legal forms. Once you`ve discovered this contract, you`ll need to decipher the legal language to find out what`s in their plan and what`s not. LegalShield`s individual plan includes unlimited consultations and reviews of legal documents with a licensed attorney. You also benefit from estate planning services. Preparation of mortgage documents; and representation in specific scenarios related to traffic violations, family law, tax audits and more. If you need a lawyer for other reasons, you will receive a 25% discount on a company`s standard hourly rates. Your spouse and dependent children are also insured at no additional cost. To get started with FindLaw, simply enter your legal issue and geographic location and you`ll get a list of qualified lawyers. If you prefer to talk to someone who offers free consultations, FindLaw offers you this option as a search filter. You can also refine the results by language if the person who needs a replacement doesn`t speak English as their primary language.

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