Barbie Color Reveal Super Legal

To find out which Barbie doll, which Chelsea doll and 2 pets are there, use warm water, dive, swirl and. surprise! The water turns into a shimmering color, and when the doll or pet is removed, its appearance is revealed! This Barbie® Color Reveal set offers the ultimate unpacking experience with over 50 surprises, including a Barbie® Color Reveal doll and a Color Reveal Chelsea™ doll in a silver metal coating with colorful confetti stars, as well as two Color Reveal pets™™™™ in metallic pink and purple! Open the gift box to find a double-sided unboxing game and a dance party play mat. Play the game to unpack the 21 mystery boxes with surprises such as fashion, hair accessories, party decorations and more. Once the boxes are opened, it`s time to start the revealing fun. Remove the Barbie® Color Reveal doll™ from the tube, fill the tube with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl it. The water turns into a metallic silver color with shimmering swirls, and when the doll is removed, its facial features are revealed! Repeat the process with the Chelsea doll™ and the pet friends. And the surprises continue. Immerse the sponge in ice water to activate all six color change functions! Packaging is also part of the fun – use the pieces of the packaging to create a DJ booth, party accessories and a puzzle. Use all the pieces with the play mat to set up a dance floor for the Barbie® and Chelsea puppets™ to sing and dance the night away! Which dolls will you reveal? Kids can collect all Color Reveal dolls™ to mix and customize accessories and expand the possibilities! Each is sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot be left alone. Colors and decorations may vary. Kids will love playing the unwrapping game in the Barbie Color Reveal Surprise Party gift box – with over 50 surprises! – and reveals 2 dolls, 2 pets, color change transformations and much more! To reveal nymphs and pets, fill the tubes or bowl with warm water, soak a doll or pet, swirl and. surprise! The water changes color, and when the doll or pet is removed, its appearance is revealed.

Then use ice water and the included sponge to change the design of the doll bodices – use warm water to change them again for repeated transformation! Barbie Color Reveal dolls offer the ultimate unpacking experience – this huge set offers over 50 surprises, including a Barbie Color Reveal doll, a Color Reveal Chelsea doll and three Color Reveal pets! There are also repeated color change features, a long-haired wig, clothes, accessories, and storytelling pieces to play a snooze dream party! And there`s a game, stage elements, and reusable packaging to add to the fun. The children begin by opening the bucket and emptying the 28 mystery boxes. Everything can be stored inside again when the playing time is over. Find the play mat, take out the appropriate dice and tiles from the package and assemble them; Then use them to visit the game board and unpack the packages as shown. Once everything is open, start the insightful fun. Remove the Barbie Color Reveal doll from the tube, fill it with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl it. The water becomes silvery, and when the doll is removed, her facial features are revealed! Do the same to reveal the appearance of the Color Reveal Chelsea doll and each of the three Color Reveal pets. Find the sponge, soak it in ice water and use it to create Barbie doll color change effects and Chelsea doll bodice. Use warm water to transform yourself. Repeat the wow moment over and over again! Flip the game to find a rehearsal party scene on the other side and use the extra parts to play sleepover stories – accessories like pajamas, sleeping bags, snacks, pet gear, and more! Kids can take the child-sized eye masks out of the package to immerse themselves even more in role-playing.

You`ll love opening this package, starting this rehearsal party and playing daydreams, sweet dreams and more! What dolls will be revealed The Barbie doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. Kids will love opening this Barbie Color Reveal set that takes them through an unboxing experience and reveals over 50 surprises – including a silver metallic Barbie Color Reveal doll, a turquoise Chelsea Color Reveal doll, 3 Color Reveal pets and 36 night accessories! Unpack the sponge and use ice water to transform the Barbie doll`s lips and hair, chelsea doll`s hair, the two pets` bows and the punch bowl. Come back with warm water – repeat the moments of color change WOW! Barbie® Color Reveal dolls™ offer an unboxing experience full of surprises – seven of them! With the Sunshine and Sprinkles series™ – on the theme of rain or sun – a doll with a pastel-colored vinyl rain outfit is guaranteed, but everyone`s look remains a mystery until it is revealed.

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