Balisong Knives Legal in Ny

Ok, so I have a katana, or like 3 it doesn`t go into details about swords, which is what I`m looking for. My friends and I try to dress up for Halloween and some parties, they are all sharp and ready to go, we will wear them open and prominent, but I am afraid they will be confiscated. Can someone give me a reference page or confirm if it is legal to open Carry? Therefore, if you live in New York and you wear the blade in New York, all the laws applied in knife criminal law refer to your question of whether it is a sharp blade sufficient to cut the skin, according to the officer, he/she can arrest you or subpoena you for criminal possession of a firearm, even if it`s legal or not, you`ll probably be arrested if you`re seen, don`t swing and pretend it`s a real sword. It would be better to have it hidden in a blade holder the size of the sword. I`m sure since you wrote this question in 2016, your case is over. I would like to know the outcome of your case. I`m a retired New York police officer and since the knife was less than 4 inches long, it had nothing to do with locking you up ULESS, it was a switch blade or a gravity knife. Size only matters if everything else is legal. For future reference, NEVER HAVE A PART OF THE KNIFE SHOWN, INCLUDING THE CLIP! Persons on military service in new York State or the federal government, police and peace officials, participants in special events who have permission from the Commissioner of Police, emergency physicians or paramedics performing their duties, and members of a theatre group, a military group, an organization of veterans, Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts or similar groups that participate in an activity that typically involves carrying a knife, are allowed to possess and carry knives that would normally violate the law.

It is forbidden to carry or openly display weapons containing knives on municipal property in accordance with article 180-7. Buffalo knife laws do not allow knives to be displayed or worn openly. It is unlikely that a tomahawk would be an axe and would fall under the knife/star blow. There is no knife size limit in New York State law. However, under New York City law, it is illegal to carry a knife with a blade size of four inches or more. It is possible that people have the same size of knife in the kitchen and are also available in American stores. In general, and assuming that there is no corresponding intention to use it illegally, it is legal to own a butterfly knife. However, do you know that definitions of what constitutes this type of “weapon” can vary, and if it does not comply with the law, it could be illegal. It is legal to possess a switching blade or gravity meter when hunting, trapping or fishing with a valid hunting and/or fishing license. Is a knife more than 1 foot above and a 7-inch blade concealed for transport? Specifically, the kabar becker bk7 I thought an automatic knife is allowed in New York if it is a curiosity or part of a collection of knives.

In this case, you can carry an automatic knife as long as it is unique, and a few other unique knives are also with you. No? Yes, it is perfectly legal to own a Marauder or a cold steel knife, provided that it is single-edged and not intended to be used as a weapon, but to be used. Although the marauder looks threatening and would advise wearing it, you could easily get away with calling it a displey knife and everything would be fine, I live near Binghamton and have read the laws. That would be nice, legally it`s allowed because there are no length restrictions in New York except in New York, I was wondering if it`s legal/illegal for a child, say 12 years old, to use a butterfly knife to defend themselves. Without taking him to school, but to the city and home. And is a butterfly knife legal if you don`t have a hunting/fishing license. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was legal to own a Karambit in New York. I don`t know which knife they would classify it as. Courts in New York, including New York City, systematically allow convictions for dangerous knives to continue, regardless of the type of knife, in which the accused gives an indication in the “context of the activity” at the time of arrest that the allegedly dangerous knife is possessed for protection. Menschen gegen Richards, 869 N.Y.S. 2d 731, (2008).

The circumstances in Richard were that the defendant was an occasional street vendor trying to interest a buyer in the purchase of a SpongeBob balloon. His perseverance led to a police intervention during which a knife with a 3-inch blade was discovered in his back pocket. The description of the knife did not place it in one of the two categories of knives that were restricted to New York. He explained the purpose of his possession of the knife: Is it illegal in New York to open a K-BAR knife? Butterfly knives are technically legal according to the code and jurisprudence, as long as they respect the laws of length (less than 4″, sharpened only on one side), etc.

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