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The AWS China Gateway provides customers outside of mainland China with a single service to use AWS Regions in China. The website guides you through the process of signing up for AWS services in mainland China and helps you create AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user administrator credentials during the sign-in process. You can sign in to the China AWS Services console with your newly created account ID. In accordance with the requirements of the Anti-Terrorism Law of the People`s Republic of China and the Cybersecurity Law of the People`s Republic of China for Identity Verification and Information Security Management, all users of telecommunications services must provide the relevant information to an information security person to ensure that network security issues can be dealt with in a timely manner. timely and accurate. The information security administrator must understand network resources, security and protection measures, system maintenance protocol, workflow and responsibilities of the appropriate personnel, and is authorized to manage network-related emergency issues. If the following issues occur, the Information Security Administrator responds and processes in a timely manner: 1) domain without A PKI record; 2) illegal content on the website; 3) Network attack; 4) illegal use of the VPN; (5) any type of situation necessary by the regulatory authority for the purpose of investigating or eliminating unlawful conduct. Compliant with China legal and regulatory requirements Q: What are the requirements for registering an Amazon Web Services (China) account? In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, your identity must be verified before you can access Amazon Web Services China regions. Companies wishing to sign up for an Amazon Web Services China account must provide [1] a valid Chinese business license issued by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and [2] valid contact information. Once you have completed the registration form, a representative will contact you to follow the registration process. You are welcome to contact us via the hotline (hours: 9am to 8pm excluding holidays) No, AWS China accounts are only open to customers who have established Chinese legal entities. Similarly, Chinese accounts are completely separate from global accounts in all aspects. AWS does not have access to AWS China accounts and prices are not displayed in the AWS Cost Calculator, and AWS China and AWS accounts are not combined.

The registration process is very different, in AWS China you need a registered legal entity to open the account, while in AWS Global there is no such procedure. For the purposes of registration, ICP (Internet Content Provider) tactfully follows the registration process. To publish or upload documents or content of any kind on the Internet in China, you need an ICP license by providing certain necessary information about the website owner, domain name, IP address, content and security contact person to protect customers. All these measures must be taken to protect customers from the infringement. There is a comprehensive review and accounting to publish a website and other related documents. In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, your identity must be verified before you can access AWS Regions in China. Companies wishing to sign up for an AWS China account must present a valid Chinese business license issued by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of the People`s Republic of China (PRC) or a valid license/permit issued by a qualified Chinese government organization that can provide proof of your correct incorporation and existence, a valid business email address, and the contact person`s ID and mobile phone number. Companies can use the commercial license of their subsidiaries in mainland China to provide the necessary information. Because of the separate infrastructures, AWS China user accounts are completely different from AWS Global. To apply for an account, you need a Chinese legal entity and an ICP license. A valid Chinese business license issued by the Office of Industry and Commerce and the customer`s physical presence are required to receive AWS launchers as well as any cloud hosting services in China.

Customers who want to use all available resources in both AWS Regions in China must create an AWS China account. And only AWS China account holders can use resources from the relevant AWS Regions in China. On the other hand, all customers who want to use resources outside of China, such as AWS, worldwide must have a global AWS account by following the respective AWS global account procedure. The Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) region and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) region are the two Amazon Web Services regions in China. To provide customers in China with the best experience and meet China`s legal and regulatory requirements, Amazon Web Services has worked with local partners in China who have the appropriate telecommunications licenses to provide cloud services. The service operator and provider for the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) region, based in Beijing and adjacent regions, is Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinnet) and the service operator and provider for the Amazon Web Services (Ningxia) region, based in Ningxia, is Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD). The business license, the certificate of the legal entity of the institution, the certificate of uniform social credit code, the certificate of registration for private non-commercial units, the license to practice of the law firm and the certificate of registration of resident representative offices of foreign companies are acceptable. If the type of your business registration certificate is not included in the list, please select “Other” to upload your certificate for identity verification. Customers doing business in China and using AWS services in the Beijing and Ningxia regions must comply with Chinese regulatory requirements. In some cases, customers in AWS Regions in China use AWS to ensure their company`s compliance in China.

What is bottling and PKI licensing? If you provide content accessible through the public Internet, which may be a website, mobile application, or web API for non-commercial purposes (such as e-commerce to promote and sell your own products), you may only need to go through the ICP registration process. You may have heard of “ICP Recordal” or “ICP Bei`An”, “it`s the same thing. If you provide certain services on the Internet through the website, mobile application, provision of the web API or content and service with commercial transactions (e.g. online advertising, e-commerce for the 3rd parties to sell their products) or in connection with regulated market segments such as education, health, media, financial services, you may need to purchase a specific ICP license accordingly. The law requires that all public cloud service providers can only serve content or service owners with PKI licenses or a completed PKI submission, NWCD and Sinnet will review customers` qualifications before activating the service for public access. Customers requesting PKI must have a local business unit in mainland China and the domain name must be registered with the Chinese DNS provider with a local domain certificate.

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