Add, Manage, or Delete users in QuickBooks Desktop & Online


While there are a number of quality accounting programs out there, we are particularly fond of QuickBooks Online for its security capabilities. Rather than giving multiple users login access to a single admin account, QBO will allow you to set multiple admin users, controlling exactly what access each user has. This way, if anything goes awry with your accounts, you can trace exactly who was working in the accounts, and when. Install MyQuickCloud on the office server where the QuickBooks software resides, create MyQuickCloud users, and publish a MyWorkspace app for those users.


You can either set the user as an external accountant or create an accountant’s copy so that your accountant can make changes to the file. In the following detail, you will know how to share QuickBooks with accountant depending on the version you are using currently. Reports in QuickBooks is a powerful tool offered both to the Desktop product as well as QuickBooks Online. It provides detailed information about the different branches of your business and will provide insights to help you make better business decisions. You can take your reports and create custom reports in QuickBooks.

How to Create a Custom Report in QuickBooks Online

Edits are highlighted, and you can click compare to view changes over time. You can connect your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online. While there isn’t a specific option for users to access view only, you’ll have the option for selective access in some areas in QuickBooks.

  • Will multiple employees be working with your QuickBooks company file?
  • Anna Grigoryan is a public accountant who provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to Small Business owners and individuals.
  • Click Nextand you’ll see on every areas the No Access, Full Access, and Selective Access radio button.
  • Once the user recovers the email invitation, he/she has to click on the Accept Invite button and sign in to the Intuit account using the correct user ID.
  • Accountant users can review your books, make corrections, and collaborate on issues.

Now, your users can access the QuickBooks application and data from any remote office or other location. Your bookkeeper or accountant wants remote access to your QuickBooks company file stored on your desktop computer. By making the accountant a Master Admin, your accountant can have full access to QBO company data. This should also be noted that QuickBooks allows only one user to be a Master Admin. So, if you make your accountant a master admin then you will lose your rights from it.

Who is authorized to access my business accounts with QuickBooks Desktop?

I have text setup on my account, you may have other choices. Your accountant will be given administrator privileges to all areas of your QuickBooks Online company. There are four types of users to choose from when granting someone access to your QuickBooks Online company .

accounting firms

You can choose which specific areas of your accounts can be accessed using this. You can add a user with a specified role to manage your books in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. In second step, after logging in with your credentials, click on settings choose manage users look for the user that you wish to edit and click on edit in the action column. Now, choose the user type that you wish to create enter the users name, email address and click on save.

pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. Desktop Connection software is better suitable for computers connected over the same network. Remotely accessing QuickBooks Desktop as a standalone individual differs from remotely accessing a company server. There are two methods to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely as an individual. QuickBooks Desktops is a Windows-only software locally installed on the client/organization. It has the most extensive features and capabilities of the three versions. This is absolutely a valid concern from clients, and one that we as an agency don’t take lightly.

In next second step, now you are required to click on manage user & click on the user that you want to delete click on the arrow icon in the action column and click on delete. Visual guide “How to add an accountant to QuickBooks Online”. In the case you no longer wish to work with your accountant, you want to remove her from Quickbooks to let another accountant take it over. You can do it by pressing the “Delete” action on the “Accounting firm’s” tab for the person you want to remove. In this demo, we will invite Anna Grigoryan, who is the Chief accountant in Taxory, by typing her email address.

QuickBooks helps prevent this by setting virtual boundaries. You can specify which features of the software can be accessed by employees who work with your accounting data. Each employee receives a unique user name and password that unlocks only the areas he or she should be visiting. If you’re adding a standard user, you’ll need to assign them access rights in this step. If you’re adding any other type of user, you can skip to the next step.

  • The Master Admin is also alerted by email when new users are added to the account.
  • Multi-user licenses allow a fixed maximum number of employees to use QuickBooks at the same time.
  • Choose the bank account you use for your business from the list, and tell QuickBooks what kind of accounts they are.
  • Your chart of accounts and your transactions will be synced to Pry.
  • As the admin of your organization, you will be able to see the status of invited users on the Manage Users page.

Check your accounts biweekly or monthly for anything that looks out of place, and conduct a more thorough audit every six months. This will help you catch small errors or inconsistencies that may arise over time, and it sets the tone with your financial team to convey your expectations for security. With so many clients using a wide variety of different online accounts, The Don’t Panic team uses a lotof passwords each day. We rely on LastPass for secure password management, and it’s a tool we highly recommend with clients. Using LastPass, you not only can share your passwords securely and control who has access, you can also give your bookkeeper or VA access to accounts without them ever seeing your login information. QuickBooks Online provides business owners with a convenient remote access option.

Install a copy of QuickBooks on each user’s computer and enter one of the license keys from your multi-user pack. The QuickBooks administrator must activate multi-user mode through the File menu and set up each user in QuickBooks if the user doesn’t already exist. There is one thing that we all can agree upon and that is, a business owner cannot do all the things related to the business single handedly. The user will need multiple helpers for numerous departments.

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